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Moving Supplies

We offer packaging products at all of our stores to help you look after your valuables while they are in storage. Whether it be boxes of varying sizes, bubble wrap, tissue paper and locks, we’ve got you covered. You can view our packaging pricelist here.

Moving and Storage Tips

Take the headache out of relocating with this handy list of moving and storage tips. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, if you follow this simple yet effective advice.

Black Markers
Permanent markers
Number your boxes and write the room and contents on the box

Medium Box
Small box
Dimensions: 45x30x30cm
Ideal for: Heavy items and crockery

Hat Box
Hat box
Dimensions: 81x42x37cm
Ideal for: Linen, cushions, blankets

Archive Box
Archive box
Dimensions: 43x33x25cm
Ideal for: Books, files and fragile items

Egg Box
Medium box
Dimensions: 61x31x35cm
Ideal for: Tupperware or lightweight items

Rectangular box
Large box
Dimensions: 43x43x46cm
Ideal for: Large and lightweight items

Hanger box & hanger rails
Hanger box & rail
Dimensions: 53x48x98cm
Ideal for: Easy packing. Move your clothes directly from the hanger on to the hanger rail

Flatscreen TV box
TV box
Dimensions: 136x22x80cm
Ideal for: Flatscreen TV and paintings

Bubble wrap Large Bulk
Bubble wrap large
Dimensions: 1.25x100m
Ideal for: Wrapping fragile items

Bubble wrap Small Bulk
Bubble wrap small bulk
Dimensions: 0.42x100m
Ideal for: Wrapping fragile items

Bubble wrap in a bag Large
Bubble wrap in a bag large
Dimensions: 1.25x5m
Ideal for: Wrapping fragile items

Bubble wrap in a bag Small
Bubble wrap in a bag small
Dimensions: 0.31x5m
Ideal for: Wrapping fragile items

Tissue paper
Tissue paper
Quantity: +- 250 sheets
Ideal for: Wrapping fragile china or porcelain

Unprinted newsprint
Quantity: 3kg
Ideal for: Wrapping crockery and keeping it clean during the move

Brown SFK
Corrugated Board SFK
Dimensions: per meter
Ideal for: Protecting table tops and cupboards

Cushion craft
Airkraft bubble wrap
Dimensions: per meter
Ideal for: Protecting leather furniture

Sticky tape
Ideal for: Fastening boxes

Dimensions: 1.5x2m
Ideal for: Protecting table tops and wood or glass furniture

Goods Protector Bag
Goods protector bag
Ideal for: All mattresses and furniture covers

Double Discus Lock
Double discus lock
Lock your storage unit with two locks. Each storage unit is provided with two locking mechanisms for ultimate security

Trailer Cop locks
Trailercop lock
Fit this to your trailer or caravan tow bar to provide extra security while in storage or while out and about

Key Tags and Colour Rings
Key tags & rings
Ideal for: Organising your keys

Tape Cutter
Tape Dispenser
Ideal for: Easy dispenser and cutter for tape

These always come in handy for any move

Egg Box
Lengths: 10m

Lengths: 20m

Box content stickers
Box content stickers
Easy packing. Move your clothes directly from the hanger on to the hanger rail

Fragile stickers
Fragile stickers
Get one free with every box that you buy