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Client Testimonials

Have a look and listen why they love us so much!

“Signing up with Storage RSA was extremely easy, it was a matter of walking in, filling in a form and 5 min later we had our unit.”

“…the security at Storage RSA is phenomenal. We’ve never had a day’s hassle, no attempted break-in, no break in.”

Sharyn - Stores household goods

“Knowing that my stuff is fine, that my stuff is safe and I got the most amazing memories and valuable stuff stored away in Storage RSA that I know is secure, it’s safe, it’s clean, it’s neat and nothing is going to happen to the stuff. So there has been peace of mind and 10 years later, I’m probably going to be storing for another 10 years, so I could be here in 20 years’ time.”

Gordon - Stores sentimental things and office supplies

“You pay for the storage you need. For instance, myself, I’ve got 3 garage size storages and I’m looking forward to having a mini warehouse. You are never overcharged so I’m really happy with what I pay. It’s really value for money.

I’ve got various stuff that are very sensitive that need to be well looked after that need a clean place. With my stuff it’s very easy for it to accumulate mould so because it’s clean, pest controlled, it’s well-kept and it’s safe. I’m happy with what I get.”

Moitheki - Stores events-furniture and props

“I wasn’t expecting a lot, to be honest with you. Our previous experience with storage facilities has not been a very happy one. With Storage RSA I was hugely impressed. I couldn’t believe how clean it was, how well organised it was. The security was good and particularly the people. I feel like a king. It’s very, very nice to go there and know that you’ve got friendly staff looking after you. The storage is very well organised and I must be honest, I never have to worry about what is happening at the storage facility because it’s always well protected.”

Wayne - Stores Harley Davidsons and household items

“My storage stuff is in TV production. We’ve got lots of tapes which got temperature control, we’ve got boxes, account archives, sets and props that we have for our shoots. So it’s big stuff, so it needs to be fast and accessible when we need it to be.”

Leni - Stores equipment for a TV production company